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Welcome to our virtual law office. We are dedicated to the unbundling of legal services. This allows you the flexibility to hire an attorney for just the issues that you need assistance on, no matter how small. This will translate into huge savings for you in both time and money.
In the past it was cost-prohibitive to consult an attorney for a small legal question, a contract review, or just to answer a legal question. We have solved this problem and have made our law office easily assessable to you from your computer or smart-phone. Having "your" attorney on speed dial can be empowering and comforting as you navigate the hurdles of your personal and professional life.
Through electronic meetings you can e-mail your documents or questions and we can respond with a sound legal review or legal opinion, usually the same day. Meet with your attorney while never leaving your home or office.
By lowering our overhead costs and controlling expenses, we are able to provide quality legal services at a fraction of the price charged at conventional law firms. Our hourly rate is not inflated so as to pay for leather couches and receptionists.
Should you choose to retain our firm, we can enter into a retainer agreement electronically. We accept payments via PAY-PAL.
* Licensed to practice law in all Utah State and Federal Courts.
**Due to being a State Prosecutor, we are unable to advise on any criminal matter.
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